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Richard Bandler, co-developer of NLP, also known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, conducts NLP seminars, NLP workshops, and NLP training seminars internationally. He continually develops new human change technologies.

Richard Bandler's seminars & workshops include Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning™, Design Human Engineering®, Persuasion Engineering®, Personal Enhancement, Charisma Enhancement®, Hypnosis, and others!




Hope is the Question

Dr. Richard Bandler & Owen Fitzpatrick

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How to Take Charge of Your Life

The User's Guide to NLP

Dr. Richard Bandler, Alessio Roberti, Owen Fitzpatrick
also available on Kindle.

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The Ultimate Introduction to NLP

How to build a successful life:
The Secret to Living Life Happily.

Dr. Richard Bandler, Alessio Roberti, Owen Fitzpatrick
also available on Kindle.

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richard bandler nlp book

The Secrets of Being Happy, The Technology of Hope, Health and Harmony

Dr. Richard Bandler, Garner Thomson

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nlp bandler book


The Secrets to Quick and Lasting Life Change
with Neuro-Linguistic Programming

by Richard Bandler

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MP3 Audio Interview with Alternatives - London

Interview with Richard Bandler about his book
"Get The Life You Want" at Brainsync

Richard Bandler's
Guide to TRANCE-formation
How to Harness the Power of Hypnosis to
Ignite Effortless & Lasting Change

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This YouTube Video

We invite you to look further into Richard Bandler's developments and cruise our sites where you'll find articles, seminars, books, tapes and other resources.

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The Hypnotist Part 1
The Hypnotist Part 2

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These Seminars with the La Valle Team:

For the beautiful Paula Bandler, for all you have done for so many so graciously,
we will all miss you deeply.

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